Low Power VLSI Circuits and Systems

To access the files please use institute email id of IIT Bhubaneswar.

  • Lecture 1: Introduction (Slides)
  • Lecture 2: Packaging and Fabrication of CMOS (Slides)
  • Lecture 3: Characteristic of MOS-I (Slides)
  • Lecture 4: Characteristic of MOS-II (Slides)
  • Lecture 5: Inverter characteristic-I (Slides)
  • Lecture 6: Inverter characteristic-II (Slides) (Video) [LTSpice file]
  • Lecture 7: Inverter characteristic-III (Slides)
  • Lecture 8: Switching Characteristic of Inverter-I (Slides)
  • Lecture 9: Switching Characteristic of Inverter-II (Slides)
  • Lecture 10: Combinational CMOS Logic Circuits (Slides)

Link for videos and slides post mid-sem

Link for Assignment-II Submission